Imported Products

Why Imports?

In order to keep our prices low we often source genuine products that are supplied by overseas distributors rather than UK distributors.

Imported products often offer great value for money when compared to the same product on sale in a UK high street store.  You get the same product, but there can be minor variations in packaging and presentation compared to the same product purchased at full retail price in a high street store.

Minor differences may include:

  • Imported products can have additional languages other than English printed on the box, for example the ingredients may be listed in English and Arabic for example.
  • The packaging and presentation of imported products may differ slightly.

For most consumers these minor differences are irrelevant, and have no impact whatsoever on the enjoyment or use of the product. 


Normally an imported product cannot be retuned to a UK manufacturer or distributor for warranty claims.  For this reason we ensure that our own warranty matches or exceeds the manufacturers warranty and we obviously always provide a UK returns address for warranty purposes.   In addition to warranty, we also offer a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee on every product.

Imports and the Law

The practice of importing goods into the UK for resale is often called "Grey Market" or "Parallel Importing", these terms suggest that there is something improper or shady about the practice and this is simply not the case at all.

Importing allows retailers like ourselves to take advantage of the often huge price difference that exists between counties like the UK, USA and Dubai for example.  The reason for this price differential is that manufacturers and distributors are often greedy and see the UK as a lucrative marketplace where they can charge a premium price.  Its for this reason that amongst manufacturers and distributors the UK is often referred to as "treasure island".

Sadly, some less than honest retailers do sell dupe/fake/counterfeit products and use the excuse that they are imports.  Our products are all certified as 100% genuine, we simply never work with any supplier unless they can provide us with a certificate of authenticity.

The Bottom Line

Whilst imports represent amazing value for money, there may be circumstances where buyers want UK sourced stock, in this case the UK high street offers many large retail stores that are happy to serve you.