Herbal One - Pueraria Mirifica Breast Firming Enlarging Capsules 100
Herbal One

Herbal One - Pueraria Mirifica Breast Firming Enlarging Capsules 100

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Compound Pueraria mirifica Capsule The special formula containing selected herbs-traditionally used, specially to improve the general health of women. The herbs Pueraria provide some natural compounds classified as "Phytoestrogens" Pueraria mirifica contains phytoestrogens. Research indicates that it is a female tonic, and alleviates menopausal symptoms such as irritating, sweating, insomnia, dry skin, "hot", and keeps adaptogenic balance in the body.

Pueraria mirifica posses highest estrogenic activity when compare to other kinds of phytoestrogen due to its similar structure to human hormone. Of which miroestrol are vital for blood circulation, new tissue generation, increase accumulation of water and fat within breasts tissue, then resulting in enhancement and firmness of breasts and improve skin texture to promote youthful looks.

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