Olay White Radiance - Advanced Fairness Cellucent Protective Day Cream

Olay White Radiance - Advanced Fairness Cellucent Protective Day Cream

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Driven by the constant goal to achieve the ultimate beauty standards, Olay scientists have developed CelLucent technology to ensure your skin attains close to its naturally light hue for a truly glowing fairness that Olay calls CelLucent fairness, deeply rooted fairness at cellular level.

CelLucent fairness describes skin that has reached close to its naturally light hue, supported by a multitude of innately-fair cell layers. CelLucent skin is moisturized, smooth and supple, glowing with an even radiance. Truly glowing fairness is only possible when fairness is rooted at the cellular level of the epidermis. This height of fairness is so remarkable; it is the gift of CelLucent fairness. Hyper pigmentation, which is the over-production of melanin in skin cells, gives the innate skin layers a darker appearance. Olay White Radiance is able to decrease melanin transfer significantly to ensure that the cells that move up to the surface of the skin are naturally fair.

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